About Us

Venice Olfactory Team

Venice Olfactory was born from the union of professional perfumers and imaginative minds, working on a common cutting-edge olfactory project.

This artistic conception of work is built on the concrete basis of our professional skills, which range from product design to olfactory development, from marketing to communication, to international distribution.

lorenzo vidal
lorenzo vidal


I developed a deep passion for fragrances working in the family business, the well-known Vidal (today Mavive).
The history of my family has been inextricably linked to perfumes since the 20th century, when in Venice it founded the company Vidal and created the famous Colonia Pino Silvestre.
Drawing on a long experience in the field of fine fragrances, and appreciating its most authentic and noble aspect, I wanted to create Venice Olfactory.
A natural outlet for my feeling for perfume, to which I love to devote myself in all its facets, from product design to the search for new olfactory combinations to the coordination of production.


I graduated from the ISIPCA group. My career in the perfume industry began in 1981 with Florasynth in Grasse, then I moved to Création Aromatiques. After those meaningful experience, in 1994 I had the chance to join DROM and I’ve been with this awesome group since nowadays.
I’m specialized in fine fragrances, and toiletries but I also like creating fragrances for candles.
I mostly take the inspiration from my travels, since a young age I’ve always enjoyed exploring, and that’s where I take my ideas from; I always mix different cultures which I’m familiar with. A Parfumer work should always be made from constant research, sensitiveness, and curiosity.
dry design
dry design


Dry Design was founded in 2008 by Francesca Mezzetti and Carolina Cloos.
We specialise in branding, corporate publishing, packaging design and visual communication more generally.
We interpret the world of perfume by cutting to the heart of things, even in the most complex of projects, with a clean style supported by concepts.
veronique nyberg
veronique nyberg 1


Inspired by the visual arts, sculpture and nature, I followed a scientific approach to perfume but then saw my creativity flourish when I joined the IFF School of Perfumery, and then became Creative Director Fine Fragrance MANE EAME.
A real olfactory creation is a perfect fusion of opposites: my creative style is based on a subtle balance between the emotional and the rational, the intuitive and the tangible, chemistry and sorcery, the innate and the learned.
Today, although my talent has allowed me to become a world-famous perfumer, I still remain faithful to my first love: art.
serena vinciguerra
serena vinciguerra


A designer, I studied at the Academia di Brera and then worked in the furniture, lighting and photography industries, before falling madly in love with the perfumery sector.
Constantly looking for new materials, stimuli and ideas to apply to projects, I coordinate the design of perfumes from concept design to technical development with a brand-oriented empathetic approach.