Private Labels

Private Labels

Private Labels is the division that develops private-branded packaging and fragrance concepts.

As perfume tailors, we love to experiment with olfactory concepts and combinations, storing them in a bottle that preserves and enhances them over time, as only a wonderful glass can do.
Our creations are for people who like us aspire to wear that most delicate and magnificent of dresses: Perfume.
We design luxury fragrances and complementary products to groom and grace the person.

linea murano the merchant of venice

The Merchant of Venice represents the art of Venetian perfumery.  It recalls the city’s historic role as an essential force in world perfumery and aims to highlight the tradition that made Italy, and Venice in particular, central to the history of perfumery.
The Merchant of Venice is a luxury line that offers a wide range of exclusive Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette, along with body care and household products and accessories.





La Martina Parfum

The brand La Martina was born in 1982, in Buenos Aires, when Lando Simonetti gave life to a brand dedicated to polo in all its forms, from technical clothing for sport to casual luxury clothing for free time.
The brand began its rise in the United Kingdom in 1992 and from there, in 1998, it gradually expanded throughout Europe.
La Martina is the official supplier of the Argentina national polo team, over 85 polo clubs, schools and universities such as Eton, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, but above all of the Guards Polo Club and the English national polo team.


La Martina

Parfum BLAUER Camou 100ML

Blauer USA is a world-leader in the urban & outdoor wear sector. The brand, which was founded in 1936 to supply technical garments for the police and selected sectors of the US army, combines values such as authenticity and the rigorous and technical style of the brand’s heritage with a product of great quality, innovation and style.
Blauer’s fragrances reflect the same strong identity, and use fragrance to express – with the quality of the raw materials and the design of components- the typical traits of the brand.


Logo Blauer




loden packaging

The Loden is a fabric that belongs to the history of the Alps. It was the emperor Franz Josef and Ludwig II of Bavaria to raise this fabric in the fashion rank, so the refined fabric was associated with the design of a garment that soon became the favorite of high middle-class bourgeoisie.

Today the Loden thanks to a renewed style, always extremely chic but also fresh and lively in the colors and textures of the clothes, has become an iconographic symbol of fashion in central Europe.

The Loden perfume represents its essence: elegant, lively and luminous, inspired by nature with feminine grace.

loden logo

Profumo Cortina 1893

Cortina and the Dolomites are a mythical place in the panorama of mountain resorts, for the incomparable landscape spectacle and the naturalistic value but also for the fame of exclusive and glamorous location that Cortina has been able to achieve worldwide. A perfume “Born in the Dolomites”, inspired by the uniqueness of these enchanted places, and created by the perfumer Luca Maffei who, through the refined and comfortable accords of amber, woods and musk, wanted to celebrate the naturalness and majesty of these environments.

Logo Profumo Cortina 1893