Realizzazione Fragranze e Profumi In Licenza

Venice Olfactory manages, in a dedicated and accomplished manner, the creation of fragrances for its proprietary brands, following each stage of the process in-house, from the study of the concept and naming to the creation of the fragrance, from packaging design to positioning, marketing and communication.

The brand division also coordinates a network of selected distributors to sell and promote the fragrance lines internationally.
Our method eschews fads and easy positioning, to rather link the world of perfumery to art.


Aqua Nobilis profumi

«Ex virtute Nobilitas procedit», from virtue comes Nobility.

AquaNobilis is a collection of fragrances inspired by those men and women who through their virtue shaped human history and changed its course forever. The world would not be the same without them. The fragrances in this collection wisely combine power and nobility, uniqueness and persistence, virtue and magnificence, just like the characters they represent.
Welcome to the legend…


logo aqua nobilis