Realizzazione Fragranze e Profumi In Licenza

Venice Olfactory’s Brands division manages every aspect of the production of licensed and proprietary brands fragrances.

In addition to our feeling for perfume – understood as conceptual research, product design and olfactory development – we put all our expertise at the service of the brands, safeguarding the entire process of development and monitoring of the purchasing chain in all its parts.
Venice Olfactory also coordinates a network of selected distributors for the international sale and promotion of its own fragrances.


Blauer_United States packaging

Blauer USA is a world-leader in the urban & outdoor wear sector. The brand, which was founded in 1936 to supply technical garments for the police and selected sectors of the US army, combines values such as authenticity and the rigorous and technical style of the brand’s heritage with a product of great quality, innovation and style.
Blauer’s fragrances reflect the same strong identity, and use fragrance to express – with the quality of the raw materials and the design of components- the typical traits of the brand.


Logo Blauer