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Venice Olfactory provides personalized olfactory branding services internationally.

profumo ambiente personalizzato per negozi

Perfuming the environment with an identifying fragrance means spreading feelings that generate emotions and memories, revealing the identity of the brand and conveying its message through the fragrance.

Your Olfactory Signature

Olfactory Branding

The Olfactory branding can create the atmosphere which encourage inspiration, increasing the level of comfort and concentration, generating pleasant feeling.

It is a fact that a commercial activity which associate a fragrance to its own brand can achieve better and more significant results in terms of numbers, compared to competitors that don’t use this strategy.

Branding Olfattivo

Olfactory Memory

A study by the Rockefeller University in NY
showed that people can remember

5% of what they see,
20% of what they hear,
1% of what they touch,
but 35% of what they smell.

A well studied fragrance is like a magical potion, can attract customers, make them feel comfortable increasing their serotonine production, which contributes to increasing the spending and creates a memorable buying experience.


A tailormade fragrance can be created by our noses, just and only for your brand, this will highlight the uniqueness of your signature.

Our fragrances are formulated with 100% natural essential oils, without solubilizers or additives.


Venice Biennale

creazione profumi ambiente mostre e musei biennale venezia

Perfumes Museum of Venice

fragranze personalizzate museo profumo venezia

Porsche Italy

profumi ambiente su misura porsche italia


Our devices made use of an innovative technology based on a silent micro-nebulization system, by which the scent is transformed and nicely diffused in the ambient.

All our products are certified and in line with environmental and safety standards.

fragranze personalizzate ambiente venice olfactory

Shops, expositions
and any Commercial Activity

The Perfume establishes an unconscious connection with consumers and infuse them greater serenity and emotional wellbeing, encouraging him to stay longer.

Offices, Workplaces

The olfactory branding is able to create an atmosphere that arouses inspiration by increasing the level of comfort and concentration; reduces the level of stress, while eliminating unpleasant odors in closed and crowded environments.

SPA, Banks,
Gyms, Hotels, Events

To add a touch of luxury, create relaxing environments for the anxious traveler, or create inviting and welcoming spaces for the client.