Our History


Entrepreneurship and passion
in the perfumery sector since 1900
Prima sede Vidal Saponi Venezia - Venice Olfactory

The year was 1874, when Angelo Vidal was born in Venice.

An innate entrepreneurial spirit, he immediately laid the foundations of his future business by starting to work as a commercial agent in the soap sector until 1900, when he decided to set up his own laboratory in Venice at Palazzo Mocenigo, now home to the Museum of Perfume created in 2013 by Mavive.

Angelo Vidal La storia Venice Olfactory

In the 1930s Angelo brought the company to Marghera in the nascent industrial area and here Vidal committed itself to new lines of products and technology, expanding its warehouses and strengthening the sales network, and above all investing in advertising campaigns in both men’s and women’s weekly magazines, until reaching the goal of 10% of the national soap market in the 1950s.

The second generation of the Vidal family entered the Company at the end of the Second World War and with the post-conflict economic momentum launched the famous PINO SILVESTRE SHAMPOO, still famous today for the Carousel of the White Horse, establishing itself on the Italian market with a share of 19%.

Vidal’s entrepreneurial tradition in the perfume sector lives today with new peaks of excellence in the companies Mavive (Massimo Vidal Venezia) and Venice Olfactory (founded by his son Lorenzo), respectively representing the third and fourth generation of a glorious family.

In 2020 the 120th anniversary since the founding of Vidal was celebrated: four generations committed to bringing prestige to the Italian perfume industry around the world.

Cavallo bianco Pino Silvestre Vidal profumo